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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


HOLY CRAP! Haven't been this excited for a flash game since I was in 6th grade playing stuff at addictinggames! What is it? Ready?



Well? Ok. I see what you mean. There are a cornucopia of tower defense games on the App store, even more online, etc. Well, this isn't your mom's and dad's tower defense. No sir. This is POKEMON we're talking about. How does it translate? Well, let's just say if the pokemon franchise turned in this direction or they made spinoffs like this, I would pay $30-$40 easy. For each game. Red through Black. Dead serious.

Basic mechanics are the same: weaknesses still apply, you can only carry 6 Pokemon/towers at a time, they still gain exp., and you can catch Pokemon when their health falls into the red. These elements play beautifully in a tower defense type game. It's great! Probably the best thing on the internet, at least this week.

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-Paul Nguyen (Silver Fox 92)

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